Toyota Safety Connect May Alleviate Concerns

No driver wants to see his or her safety compromised, but unexpected events do occur. Toyota delivers something of benefit to those concerned about safety matters. The Toyota Safety Connect subscription service could alleviate specific concerns drivers have.

Toyota Safety Connect comes with unique features with the "Automatic Collision Notification" being most helpful. When a Toyota model is in an accident, a representative from the service will attempt to contact the vehicle's occupants. An airbag deployment or major collision initiates the response. If no occupant responds, the service could report the situation to local emergency responders.

The driver also has the option to contact Toyota Safety Connect directly in the case on an emergency. Emergencies take many forms including medical ones. Knowing the service operators are on call may alleviate some concerns. The line is open 24/7, but the service only works with vehicle manufactured after fall 2009.

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