Truck Cab Styles

Part of choosing the right truck is deciding what kind of cab you want. We at Caldwell Toyota can tell you more about what truck models have each of these cabs, but here a quick guide to check out first.

Access Cab

Access Cabs are the most common type of truck cab on the market. They are small, with only two doors and one row of seating, but that translates into a larger bed for hauling purposes.

Double Cab

Double Cab are slightly larger than Access Cabs, with the difference being a set of small “suicide doors” for access to the rear seats. They are good for those who want a little extra leg room along with a larger truck bed.

CrewMax Cab

CrewMax cabs are essentially four-door SUVs with truck beds. They have four full-size doors and two rows of seating, which makes them great for those with larger families. They have plenty of leg room, but the bed is generally smaller than on other trucks.



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