The 2019 RAV4 is Here!

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From new multimedia technology to smarter all-wheel drive and a more efficient hybrid powertrain, the fifth-generation Toyota RAV4 is brimming with high-tech that works seamlessly and conveniently to deliver a rewarding driving and ownership experience. Underneath the RAV4’s rugged good looks are capabilities that reveal the potential of where you can go, on- or off-road.

At first glance, the 2019 Toyota RAV4 looks radically different than its predecessors, and yet there is also quick familiarity when viewed from the front. The grille shape, for example, takes some inspiration from tough Toyota off-road pickups. It’s a look that connotes strength and capability, but for RAV4, this was no mere adaptation. Designers created an entirely new theme, based on everyone’s favorite high school subject, geometry. The result is a distinctly carved look, with bold body sculpting to create a “go anywhere” stance. The sculpted, three-dimensional theme is a dramatic turn away from soft, curvy SUV shapes. It’s meant to draw a strong emotional response and a feeling of adventure. That adventure could be heading off on a weekend of hiking or kayaking, or just playing tourist in your own city. 
A critical element to the new RAV4 design is the “lifted up” look. While actually lowering vehicle height by a fraction (0.20 inches), the designers have created the feeling of riding higher. That, too, is no illusion. Road clearance has actually been increased by over a half-inch. The lifted-up look is emphasized by the black lower body that flows from the side and runs up towards the rear. With their polygonal motifs, the wheel arches appear to hold the tires from a high position, emphasizing the lifted-up body and drawing attention to the vehicle’s capability. This theme is seen most prominently on the Adventure and Limited grades, with their 19-inch wheels and the Adventure grade’s large black overfenders. At the rear, the protective parts and muffler are arranged to produce a clear appearance and sense of stability.It’s about the feeling of adventure as much as it is about the experience. Think about it: this is not much different from the emotional response to a sports car design, which is meant to evoke driving thrills even when parked.

RAV4 is not all about form; there is enhanced function in the aerodynamics, including the slight reduction in vehicle height. The angular rear combination lamp design not only suggests stability, it contributes to stability via aero stabilizing fins on the outer lenses. The new shape of the exterior door handles also help out in that regard. At the rear of the roof, a large spoiler and side fins contribute to aerodynamic performance. Aerodynamic enhancements are at work even where one can’t readily see: a full under cover for enhanced aerodynamic performance, for example.

The 2019 RAV4 is bringing more sport and more utility back while enhancing the agile handling, everyday comfort and exemplary fuel efficiency that made it the segment leader it is now. All told, the 2019 RAV4 is designed to tackle urban, suburban and great outdoor adventures with equal aplomb. The look is tougher, and there’s greater capability with a new type of all-wheel drive, yet the ride is smoother and quieter, with new comfort touches inside.
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