Safety Features of the Toyota Corolla

Toyota's popular Corolla is a compact car that delivers all of the features of a full-sized sedan. Enjoy sleek styling, enhanced technology and plenty of modern safety features protecting the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

Pedestrian detection features head the list of improved safety systems in the Corolla. The car uses radar and a front-facing camera to sense any pedestrians or obstructions blocking the car's forward movement. Visual and audio cues alert the driver to take evasive action when a collision seems imminent. The Brake Assist feature will also engage, aiding the driver in braking or engaging the brakes if they are not used in time.

The Corolla can also sense when it diverges from clearly marked lanes and either alert the driver with audio cues or gently direct the car toward the center of the lane. Automatic high beams gauge the distance from other cars and engage or turn off as needed.



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